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Couple Taking a Selfie
Family Therapy
Individual Counseling
Child & Adolescent Counseling

We can help individuals as they journey the path of self- discovery! We help individuals grow beyond challenges such as depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, body image issues, trauma, grief, time management, job related stress, and many other adjustments to the various stages of life.

We can help teens face the challenges of adolescence. We help teens learn to conquer things such as anxiety, depression, anger, identity concerns, trauma, and self-esteem. At various times, we also provide special topic group therapy for current/previous adolescent clients.

Couple Counseling

We provide clinical treatment for the many stages of an intimate relationship such as pre-marital counseling, relationship maintenance and repair, separation/divorce counseling, and co-parenting issues.


Child & Adolescent Counseling
Family Counseling
Child & Adolescent Counseling

We can help families create healthy interactions, heal from traumatic experiences, cope with life-cycle transitions, and face the normal challenges that accompany blended families.

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